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"Homes for the Holidays" is the signature fundraising event for the Junior League of Halifax.  Three beautiful homes are transformed for the holidays by three separate Interior Decorators.

For the 2010 event, Opal Interiors was selected to transform a wonderful 100 year old Edwardian home into a Christmas show piece.  Keeping the style of the  home at the forefront, 'Edwardian Elegance' was developed.  Tracy was able to create a warm, sophisticated, truly elegant holiday experience for the public to enjoy.
I had the pleasure to work with Tracy Cameron of Opal Interiors.  Tracy was the designer for one of the three homes featured in the Halifax Junior League's Signature Event "Homes for the Holidays" in  November, 2010.  I was the house co-captain and whenever I had the opportunity to work with Tracy she was a professional.  Tracy came to all meetings on time and was prepared.  She considered the wishes of the home owner while keeping to her vision for the home's holiday theme.  Tracy participated fully in the event.  She worked hard for months before the event and was on site; receiving decor, creating each room individually, and piecing together the complete theme for the whole week leading up to the Homes for the Holidays weekend.  Tracy sourced out all the decor on her own through existing professional relationships and worked well with the florist assigned to the home to create original floral arrangements and holiday decorations.  Tracy  offered and agreed to be at the home during the weekend and was available to mingle with visitors and answer questions and give design advice.  Many patrons shared that they truly valued that opportunity.  I strongly would recommend Tracy Cameron of Opal interiors as designer for your next project.
- Sarah Boyne